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Culture Coffee For get-togethers, gossip and good times, it must be Culture Coffee, the home of Hellenic-influenced coffee life. a Culture Coffee a We draw upon the spice, joy and easy going lifestyle of Greece to create the place in Salisbury to relax, enjoy good company and sensational coffee. Culture Coffee a You'll see it in the delicious light lunches, afternoon teas and wonderful cakes we serve, as well as the Prosecco chilled to perfection.

Coffee, and a lot more too!

Our menu consists of different coffee types, morning, midday and afternoon dishes – and, of course, delicious cakes!

We brew a variety of coffee types in our cafe, from Espresso to Americano, Caffè latte, and more!

We brew a top espresso blend, evolved over the years, whilst keeping as much sweetness, chocolate and caramel into a coffee as possible, twinned with the most, rich, smooth silky body achievable.

From freshly baked croissants, to Belgian waffles and toffee and pecan loaf, to Sautéed tiger prawns, our chefs deliver excellence!

When you can't serve your order in our café, we can pack it for you so you'll take it with you at work or at home

Varieties of Coffee

We have a coffee for every occasion and every palette.

Different Cakes

We have cake! Lots of cake! For any time of day and any party size.

Dishes freshly prepared

We currently offer a wide range of breakfasts, snacks, lunches and tapas, all made fresh on the premises.

Varieties of Wines

It's not always about coffee! Sometimes it's about wine, bubbles and gossip. Let us oblige!

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